The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation  

In reading this chapter, I have a better understanding of myself. I can clearly see the connections between my Love  for God and how that takes my mind to a higher vibration, which allows me to channel my sex drive into my creativity and imagination, which allows me to create great books. Before putting the pieces together,Continue reading “The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation  “

Book: Living With Victory After Past Mistakes

Living with Victory After Past Mistakes By: Louise Bannerman ISBN: 1-4363-0119-X (Trade Paperback 6×9 ) ISBN13: 978-1-4363-0119-0 (Trade Paperback 6×9 ) ISBN: 1-4363-0120-3 (Trade Hardback 6×9 ) ISBN13: 978-1-4363-0120-6 (Trade Hardback 6×9 ) Pages : 114 Book Format :Trade Book 6×9 Subject : INSPIRATIONAL / General Availability Trade Paperback 6×9 ($19.99) Trade Hardback 6×9 ($29.99)Continue reading “Book: Living With Victory After Past Mistakes”