Auto-Suggestion:  the Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

Through the dominating thoughts which one permits to remain in the conscious mind, (whether these thoughts be negative or positive, is immaterial), the principle of auto-suggestion voluntarily reaches the subconscious mind and influences it with these thoughts. – Napoleon Hill

One day my teacher shows up in my 9th grade gymnastic class and announces that the students will be graded today on doing a handstand. If you did the handstand you received an A. If you did not complete the handstand you received an E.

At that very moment, my only repeating thoughts that kept running over and over in my conscious mind was, “I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.” I made sure that I would have time to “voluntarily feed my subconscious mind” with the thoughts of “I CAN DO ALL THINGS,” by standing at the end of the line of my classmates, because I needed all that time to fix in my own conscious mind those thoughts, so that they would reach my subconscious mind. I also, visualized myself doing the handstand and I had the faith that if God said I can do all things, then that meant that I could do this handstand as well.  

My burning desire was to get an A on this assignment, because the other choice of receiving an E was not an option.  I strongly believed that God’s words were true, so I concentrated on my end result of seeing myself with my hands going down, and feeling my legs going straight up. I can still feel my adrenaline rising, and my heart racing, full of excitement, and expecting God to work a miracle for me that I could actually see myself physically passing my assignment.   

When it was my time to perform my handstand, I did it with confident and believed that I could, and sure enough I conquered the task. Not only did I received an A for that assignment, I received an A in my gymnastic class for the whole semester.  

I learned a valuable lesson that day, and till this day I still stand on God’s Word.  In conclusions, it’s my burning desire to connect with God. And when we do… “Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the POWER TO INFLUENCE HIS OWN SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, and through it, gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.”   – Napoleon Hill.

The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation  

In reading this chapter, I have a better understanding of myself. I can clearly see the connections between my Love  for God and how that takes my mind to a higher vibration, which allows me to channel my sex drive into my creativity and imagination, which allows me to create great books. Before putting the pieces together, I would just connect to men with all that sex energy until I met God. Then I formed an intimate relationship with God and started learning his ways and his character. Now my life has changed for the better.

Below, I will share what Think and Grow Rich Book in chapter 11 has done for me:

What is as profound to me now as I read chapter 11 is that every time during my praise and worship service, I have always closed my eyes during that time. For me, I thought I did it to close out the distractions from the congregation and get a Word from God. I felt that I could get a greater connection to God if my eyes were closed.

Now it makes sense according to chapter 11, “One of America’s most successful and best known financiers followed the habit of closing his eyes for two or three minutes before making a decision. When asked why he did this, he replied, “With my eyes closed I am able to draw upon a source of superior intelligence.”

What a profound revelation. I used to think that people would think that I was odd with my eyes closed, but now it doesn’t matter because what I am doing is coming from a higher level.

Another incident is when I am writing my books. First, I create an outline on what’s going to be in my book from my mind. Then second, I will close my eyes and pray to God and tell him, “God you already know what is written in my book, I just need you to show me.”  When I do that most of the times, I will wake up around 3 am and get up and write. In doing this, I wrote my first book in three months. My second book was completed in 8 hours.

According to chapter 11, I believe the stimuli to which my mind responds most freely is LOVE.  I always hear myself saying, “I am in love with love.  The chapter states: “Man attains to the status of a genius ONLY when, and IF, he stimulates his mind so that it draws upon the forces available, through the creative faculty of the imagination.

On that note, when my mind is stimulating I create some great books with my imagination.  On a personal note, I view God as a powerful spirit and when I am in tune with him, as I sometimes refer to the spirit as Him (Love), it excites me to be connected with this powerful force therefore, I am driven to create powerful thoughts, and hear his small still voice which always steers me in the right direction that leads to a blessing.

Food for thought: When any negative emotions present itself in one’s mind it can be transmuted into a positive or constructive emotion, by the simple procedure of changing one’s thoughts.

Let me end on this quote by Lao Tzu:

“Watch your thoughts for they become your words.

Watch your words for they become your actions.

Watch your actions for they become your habits.

Watch your habits for they become your character.

Watch your character for they become your Destiny.

Faith: Visualization of, and Belief in Attainment of Desire

“Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When Faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer.

The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions (Faith, Love, and Sex) has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence.” Napoleon Hill

I had an aha moment about my money, and what I had been putting out in the Universe. At the time that I was saying the words, the words sounded great, but in the end, I was left with just having a lot of my wants not being fulfilled.

So, I had to immediately change my way of thinking. Over five years now, this is what I had been saying out loud, “I rather have God supply ALL my needs, and have NO money, then to have money and my needs not met.”

I had faith that my needs would be met, but I had no clue I was cutting off my money with the thoughts of saying NO money. Before long I looked up and one by one my sources of income was disappearing.

Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion. -Napoleon Hill

I realize two things that were happening to me by repeating that statement in my life over and over, but today those thoughts will cease: My wants were adding up, but my every need was being taken care of. All my money was being eliminated (Groupon account was closed, IRS garnished my check, my rent increase by $300, and I received a letter saying my job title will be eliminated on July 31, 2019.

I clearly see that I will have to replace that statement quickly with some auto-suggestions and affirmations, so not only will my needs be met, but I will have money in my bank account and that I will get the things I want as well.

As a matter of fact, I have a few affirmations that I will repeat today: I am a money magnet. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance. I am receiving money now with ease and grace.

I put myself in this situation, now I am going to get myself out by changing my thoughts with new thoughts. No longer will I settle for just my needs being met, I DESIRE to have my wants fulfilled, too.

Finally, I will CONVINCE my subconscious mind that I believe I will receive that for which I ask, and it will act upon that belief, which my subconscious mind passes back to me in the form of “Faith,” followed by definite plans for procuring that which I desire.

My last thought I leave with you: “Money will come to me EVERY day.” I think I will say this 1500 times a day because I now believe that I can have both my wants and needs met.

Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force #Massage #Healthwellness #Therapy

No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a thirdinvisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” Napoleon Hill

Likened to a third mind, that reminds me of 1 Corinthians 2:16: For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.

I believe that God instructs us on how to attain our definite purpose. According to Matthew 18:20, For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And if God is in the midst, He’s like that invisible, intangible force with a Master Mind that coordinates knowledge and spirit of harmony between people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

“No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.” – Napoleon Hill. One of the reasons I stay connected to God and make myself available to him is because it is, He that give us power. 2 Timothy 1:7 states, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of POWER, and of love, and of a sound mind.

God is an energy and “The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two people are coordinated in a SPIRIT OF HARMONY, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes the “psychic” phase of the Master Mind.” – Napoleon Hill.

When Bob and I come together there is so much energy. And in our midst God is there, and after our talks we are charged up like an energized bunny. It’s the same way with our Master Mind group, it is so uplifting to be a part of this group. There is support, spirit of harmony, and “the sum and substance of the intelligence, experience, knowledge, and spiritual forces” of everyone in our group. – Napoleon Hill

One that note, Energy is Power. And “that power, when successfully used in the pursuit of money must be mixed with Faith. It must be mixed with DESIRE. It must be mixed with PERSISTENCE. It must be applied through a plan, and that plan must be set into ACTION. ANYBODY can WISH for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a BURNING DESIRE for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth. – Napoleon Hill

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: THE CONNECTING LINK #massage #therapy #healthwellness

At age fourteen, I have experienced this very quote by Napoleon Hill and know it to be true, “Faith is the element the “chemical” which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with the Infinite Intelligence.

It has always been my sincere desire to communicate with the Infinite Intelligence or to connect with the Universal Mind on a daily basis because I know this is the key to getting my prayers answered. After twenty-five prayers being answered back-to-back, I am totally convinced that something of a higher power is hearing my prayers and my faith is taking me to higher heights.” Louise Bannerman

I am not alone in my thinking regarding sincere desire.  According to Joseph Murphy he quoted, “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire. Your desire is your prayer. It comes out of your deepest needs and it reveals the things you want in life.”

I would like to share two of my prayers that God has answered. My very first prayer at fourteen, I told God what His Word said, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done upon you.” – John 15:7 KJV. Well, I believed what His Word said, and like a child I trusted in His Word when He said, “Ask what ye will” and I did asked Him for some hair activator, because my mom didn’t have any and she told me, “Go ask your God for some.” So I did, and I believed that it shall be done for me. Well, in my mind I thought I would go four blocks over and ask my aunt, because I knew she kept hair activator. But two doors before I reached her house, there was a brown paper bag on the ground. I heard in my head, “Pick up the bag.” I was convincing myself not to pick up the bag because I didn’t want anyone to see me pick the bag up. Well, I tried to walk away, but my feet were literally stuck and I couldn’t move. So, I picked up the bag and there inside was a brand new large jar of hair activator. Long story my aunt didn’t need any, so I ran home and showed my mom. She asked, “Where did you get that from?” I told her that my God gave it to me. Ever since that day, my mom has been going to church.

My second prayer: I was at the bus stop around 1:05 p.m. crying and praying. I was thanking God for the bus transportation, but at the same time I was telling him that all the car lots belong to Him and that all the cars belong to Him and that I just want my own car. And I told Him, “God bless a child that has her own…and God I thank you for my own car, too.” After I got home around 2:30pm, I went to bed. At 4:30pm, I received a telephone call from my uncle saying, “Come get your car.” Wait a minute; I am thinking in my head I didn’t tell anyone about wanting a car but God. Come to find out while I was praying at 1:05pm, God touched my dad’s heart to buy a nice clean, white K-car from the neighbor across the street and gave my uncle the keys to give to me. My dad starts work at 1:30pm. So God worked it out that he got the car for me, and headed straight to work. God was working it out as I was praying. Thank God for answering prayers.  

In conclusion, “it presses upon my heart to draw upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence. It, alone contains the secret process by which mental impulses are modified and changed into their equivalent. It alone, is the medium through which prayer may be transmitted to the source capable of answering prayer.” – Napoleon Hill.  Since I learned at an early age, that my prayers can reach the Source this knowing has been my best weapon and the key to grant my desires

Book: Living With Victory After Past Mistakes

Living with Victory After Past Mistakes
By: Louise Bannerman

ISBN: 1-4363-0119-X (Trade Paperback 6×9 )
ISBN13: 978-1-4363-0119-0 (Trade Paperback 6×9 )
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Pages : 114
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Uplifting, inspiring and heartfelt. This book lets you know God is a God of second chance. I have enjoyed reading this book and already I have read it about six times. Elder William Stewart, Detroit, MI

Overall, this book was refreshingly honest, inspiring, and good reading. Ron Bennett, Detroit, MI

Few people endeavor to share their personal struggles and glaring mistakes as Louise Bannerman has done in her book Living with Victory After Past Mistakes. With courage and candor, Ms. Bannerman reveals the intimate details of her life’s most difficult experiences. This book is for anyone who is looking for a way out of the darkness of despair into a place of hope. It will be a light unto your path to victorious living. Janice Smith, Author, A Place Without Noise

Very open; it’s inspiring and uplifting to know everyone is not alone. We must devote ourselves and know that the challenges will give us the experiences to take us to the next level. We must all go through something to make us one of God’s creations and to make us a leader so that others can be lifted up while we are living here on earth today. Nicole Harris, Detroit MI

Pain echoes throughout the generations and the cries remain the same. Living with Victory After Past Mistakes unlocks the door to everything done in the dark and exposes it to the light. Beverly Welch, Author of The Art of Walking Through Fires

Do you feel defeated and that you cannot go on living? Do you believe that God will never forgive you for things that you have done? Life is filled with decisions. Are you ashamed of the ones that you have made? Well, there is good news for you.

Even with all our mistakes, God yet loves us. We can live with ourselves in the face of our many painful mistakes. It takes God’s love to overcome them. He has forgiven us. God wants to unite with us. He wants us to live in His word and have a new life.

Come and discover the powerful truth about God’s Word and love, which will transform your heart forever. God’s love reaches out to you to bring this change. You can be set free from the past.

God has changed my life with His love. And now, I pass love to you by sharing Biblical truths that set me free.

Learn from my past bitter mistakes how to live victoriously in Christ. I pray that your heart will be delivered as you read my collection of poems. Experience the characteristics of God’s love page by page. There is victory in Jesus!

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About Author, Louise Bannerman

Louise Bannerman, motivational speaker, teacher and published writer. She strives to motivate and inspire others to fulfill their dreams.

Through the Junior Achievement Program, she enjoys teaching personal economics to 8th grade students in the Detroit Public School System. In 1997, Louise was honored with a special award for being a mentor at Brady Elementary School in Detroit.

She was a Sunday school teacher at Jesus Tabernacle of Deliverance Church. Louise has been a member of this church for 22 years. Louise remains a member of the Toastmasters since 1997. She teaches Visualization workshops to students 11-17 years of age to keep them motivated and focused. She volunteers her time to mentor 10-17 years old students who are a part of the “Volunteers In Partnership.”

Louise is a member of “The Called and Ready Writers,” “American Christian Writers” and “Motown Writers” in Detroit, Michigan. She has been writing since the age of 14 years old. Living with Purpose is her first written book. Living with Victory After Past Mistakes is her first published book.

In 2004 her ¨Poem, “Sex is like Music”, was published in the “Party-er Guide”

In 2003 she completed a Continuing Education Creative Writing Course at Wayne County Community College.

Louise had four of her poems published in an Anthology entitled “Characteristics of God” Volume 1 by Second Baptist Church Spiritual Writing Class.

In 1998 Louise had one poem published by Wayne State Labor Studies in a book of Anthology entitled “Working Words” Labor School Class of 1998.

In 1982, Louise won Winner of Judges Awards- First Place for her essay entitle “What is a Friend?” The essay was published in an Anthology with other winners.

In 2001, she won first place winner for Toastmasters Humor Speech.

She recited her poems at the following locations: Metro Club in Royal Oaks, Second Baptist 2nd Annual Art Show and the 1st Annual Poetry Workshop given by the “Called and Ready Writers”

She is currently an assistant for a Spiritual Writing Course sponsored by the Castle Group at Gaylord Unity Church. (Ongoing-to-present).

In 2002, she taught visualization workshop at Jesus Tabernacle of Deliverance Church.

In 1982, she served as President for the Creative Writing Club at Cass Technical High School.

She gave Graduation Speeches for the following school, institutions and training programs: Norvell Elementary School (1980); Pelham Middle School (1982); Community Training & Development Corporation (1991); Project Lead (1994); Detroit Business Institution (1995).

She gave Career Day presentation for following schools and received certificates and awards for her participation: Paul Roberson Academy; Priest Elementary School; Fisher Magnet Middle School; Winship Middle School; John R. King; Kosciusko Elementary; and Fredrick Douglass, Edward Cerveny Middle School (03).

Living with Victory After Past Mistakes